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So I finally recorded and put up a demo recording of my french song on the music blog! Now that I listen back to it I’m not as jazzed about the vocals as I was when I finished them at 12am the other day..but whatever.

As far as the writing process went, I basically wrote it out in english first, and then did a basic translation. Then I did a LOT of re-phrasing and swapping lines/words around to make them fit the proper syllable counts and rhyme with one another. It ended up being almost a completely different song than when I first started (both lyrically and melodically) but it’s simple and that’s how I wanted it to be. :)

For anyone interested, here are the lyrics and translations -


Lorsque le soleil se coucheras

When the sun goes down

Et quand mon esprit erreras

And when my mind wanders

Je vous penserai, et je souhaiterai

I will think of you, and I will wish

Que vous seriez avec moi

That you were with me


Souhaitant, d’attende, un jour nous serons ensemble

Wishing, waiting, one day we will be together

Jusque-la, mon chou, je vous penserai

Until then, darling, I will think of you


Lorsque les etoiles apparaissont

When the stars come out

Quand mes yeux fermeront

And when my eyes close

Je dormirai et je vous reverrai

I will sleep and I will dream of you

Ces reves sera etonnant

Those dreams will be wonderful


Parfois, vous sentirez seul

Sometimes you will be alone

Mais rappelez-vous, mon amour

But remember, my love,

Je serai la

I will be there

(***Note: I have yet to run these by someone completely fluent in french. I pretty certain it’s correct, but if anyone spots a mistake please let me know!)


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